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  • Kasey Rae Band

    Feb 2017
    - 9:30PM -

    Kasey Rae has been playing since age 8, winning talent show competitons and starring as a child prodigy with her brother Raymond Meeks Jr. at Donk’s Theater, Virginia’s Lil’ Ole Opry, in Matthews, Va since 2000. Kasey Rae and her brother have performed together all their lives as a duo, and learned to take the stage and perform at Donk’s Theater in front of 500 people every other saturday night at a young age. Donk’s was once a movie theater back in the 1940s and became a Country Music Theater in the 70s. This place made Kasey Rae who she is today. Although Donk’s was way out in the sticks, it attracted people from all over the country!

  • Brandon Bower

    Feb 2017
    - 8:00PM -

    Hailing from Augusta, Georgia where funk and soul seems to run in the water, Brandon Bower dove in head first, sunk to the bottom, and came back up with an undeniable force. He draws from such inspirations as fellow Augustan, the Godfather of Soul himself, Mr. James Brown. In fact a local radio personality said it best “If Elvis Presley and James Brown had a child, it would be no other than Brandon Bower” . He captivates audiences with relentless passion for the sake of the message. He has honed his craft of performing and writing through ten years of gigging and touring.

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